Security Notice

Please be aware that fraudsters are impersonating Anglo-Thai Legal (ATL) and its personnel. Typically, they will send scam emails pretending to be from ATL and that you may be entitled to inherit a large amount of money or that you are due some financial gain in some other way.

For example, you may receive an email with the following:

Dear Client,
Regarding your request to my service to assist you on your next of kin claim you have with United Overseas Bank Limited. I had a little conversation with the bank management which i will be visiting the bank for more verification concerning the said inheritance funds as soon as you comply with our requirements.

To engage in their services there are admin, legal and other fees that they say have to be paid first. This is of course untrue and should always set alarm bells off.

What to do if you receive a suspicious email

Never divulge personal or financial information before you have verified that it is a genuine email. To do this you can forward the suspicious email to  or phone us on (+44) 01925414308 or (+66) 02-714-2968.

What to do if receive a suspicious phone call

If you receive an unexpected call from someone who says that they are from ATL do not give them any information, including your full name or other details. Instead, ask to take their name, phone number and email address and then contact ATL directly on or (+44) 01925414308 and not the information given to you from the person purporting to be from ATL.

The advice above does not only relate to ATL. Other legitimate companies have been targeted in the same way. Before you divulge information via email, phone or even in-person you should always verify that that they are indeed genuine.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has been informed and they have put a scam alert on their website:

If you have been the victim of a scam contact the Police immediately and report the incident with full details.

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